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Generator is an autonomous unit designed to convert the mechanical energy of rotating shafts into electric current. The main working element of the power plant is the engine. AKSA generators use diesel engines of high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Over time, some of the engine's nodes drain their resources and become unusable. There is a need to purchase spare parts. Our company sells spare parts for AKSA generators of various models. Details are distinguished by high quality and strength of materials.

Our company is the official representative of the Turkish company AKSA in Kazakhstan, so we offer the following original spare parts:

    • Belt – is a rubber product transferring force from the engine to the shaft.
    • High-pressure fuel pump – is a complex part of the diesel engine. The pump delivers measured amounts of fuel to the cylinders, and monitors the fuel pressure.
    • Starter – is a device for starting a power plant.
    • Battery – feeds the starter when the engine starts. It is recharged during operation.
    • Control unit – is a system for monitoring the operation of the unit.
    • Plunger – a cylindrical piston, the length of which considerably exceeds its width. Used in diesel engines, due to resistance to high pressure.
    • Oil Pressure Sensor detects an increase or decrease in oil pressure
    • Filters – remove dust and other contaminants from technical fluids.
    • Fuel Feed Pump – drives the fuel to the injectors;
    • Controller – corrects the operation of the generator.
    • Voltage Regulator – maintains the optimum voltage in the output network, despite of engine rpm, ambient temperature, power, etc.
    • Gaskets Repair Kit – eliminates engine leaks when old insulating parts are worn out;
    • Charger – transfers the electric power generated by station into accumulators.
    • Injectors – supply fuel directly to the combustion chamber;
    • Thermostat – maintains the engine operating temperature.
    • Temperature Sensor – records the temperature changes of the operating elements.
    • Water Pump – creates a forced circulation of a liquid (water or antifreeze) in the engine cooling system.
    • And etc.

We also offer the other spares n addition to the listed above. For a complete list, please contact our consultants.

We support the competitive price – offering spare parts from the manufacturer. You can purchase a battery for the generator.

Get the spare parts at the most favorable price! Fill out the feedback form or contact us by phone. The company's consultants will help you choose the right part and place an order.

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