Failure to comply with operating instructions, the deterioration of the generator's parts or the influence of third factors necessitate maintenance. AKGEN GROUP provides repair of AKSA power plants in Kazakhstan. Our specialists have the required tools, good experience and skills to eliminate the any complex malfunctions.

When do I need repairs?

Following operational recommendations, use of qualitative fuel and lubricants, the equipment does not need repairs. Owners turn only in case of deterioration of working units or the need to replace consumables. If you neglect the recommendations for caring for the station, there are minor breakages. At this stage, it is necessary to diagnose the generator and take measures to eliminate the defects that have formed. Neglect of diagnostics leads to critical breakdowns.

To nip malfunction in the bud is cost effective. Reviving operation of a power plant after critical breakdown may be very costly. Symptoms meaning starter and generator need a service are:

  • The unit's operation became louder;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Output voltage drop;
  • Extraneous sounds;
  • Sharp smell of technical fluids;
  • Severe vibration during operation.

These signs may indicate the breakdown of the station, technical support is required.

The most common faults are:

  • Fuel supply failure;
  • Safety interlock of operation;
  • Loosen drive belt
  • Manual or electric starter breakage;
  • Generator winding combustion

Gear seizure due to friction wear is less frequent. In this case, the motor maintenance is required, with further oil changing.

Having power station breakdown? Send a service request to our professional crew. We guarantee an individual approach and solution of any difficult problem.

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