Non-compliance with user’s recommendations, wear of working units of generator or exposure by third factors lead to necessity of repairing generators. «AKGEN GROUP» company provide maintenance for AKSA power plants in Kazakhstan. Our specialists have requisite equipment, experience and skills to clear out most arduous malfunctions.

When to conduct maintenance?

Based on hands on principle, with compiling exploiting recommendations, utilizing high quality fuel and lubrications, equipment does not need maintenance. Owner refers only if worn out of working units or replacement of consumables are required. If neglect recommendations on servicing power plant, fine breakdowns arise. Diagnostic of generators and measures taken for elimination of defects should be carried at this stage. Neglecting with diagnostic result in critical failure.

To nip malfunction in the bud is cost effective. Reviving operation of a power plant after critical breakdown may be very costly. Symptoms meaning starter and generator need a service are:

  • Packing unit started to run very noisy;
  • Increased fuel consumption is observed;
  • Output voltage drop;
  • Occurring of unusual sounds, which were not noticed before;
  • Strong smell of process fluids nearby generators;
  • Strong vibration when running is observed.

Specified symptoms may presage on soonest stoppage of a power plant, therefore when discovering of them, it is strongly recommended to seek help from specialists.

Most common breakdowns

Diesel power plant breakdowns may be of various natures, depending on exploiting conditions and timely replacement of consumables. The most common breakdown may consists of:

  • Upsets in fuel injection into piston;
  • Blockage of operation due to actuation of firewall;
  • Generator belt slacken, loss of its initial properties;
  • Manual or electrical starter malfunction;
  • Generator windings burn out.

Seizing up of a motor pinion because of excessive friction occurs rarely. In such case repair of electric generator motor with following oil replacement is suggested.

Breakdown of local power plant should happen? Order a professional service from specialized company! We guarantee individual approach and solution of most complicated issues.

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