The container for diesel generators is a heat-insulated block enclosing electrical unit, security systems (fire fighting), and engineering communications inside. The main function of the container is to ensure optimal conditions for the stable operation of the generator - protecting from mechanical shocks, the harmful external effects (humidity, precipitation) and abusing.

Our company offers to buy a container to accommodate Aksa diesel generator, at affordable price, but with high quality. The surface is covered with zinc, preventing corrosion. As a consequence, the structure can be effectively used for many years.

Container provides the following:

  • Long service life of power equipment;
  • Internal space tightness in case fuel spillage;
  • Protection of the set during transportation, storage and loading;
  • Transportability by water, air and land;
  • Easy lifting and moving;
  • Protection from moisture, chemical detergents, degassing and disinfecting substances


Diesel gensets are operable in the following conditions:

Temperature range

-45 С о  up to + 50 С о

Air humidity

Up to 60%

Snow pressure

1 kPa

Wind force

0.48 kPa

Seismic intensity

up to 10 scores


The frame is reinforced with a hot-rolled U-shaped channel with C-shaped beams.

The exterior walls are made of galvanized steel. The diesel generator is reliably protected by strong lateral sheets of the container.

The walls and ceiling are covered with a galvanized steel profile. Cabin is waterproofed by the PVC foil. Thermal insulation - non-combustible roll insulation of fiberglass. The material does not sag and maintains the original shape during the entire service life.

Do you want to buy high-quality equipment with a large operational resource? Order the diesel genset in the container from the catalog. We deliver throughout Kazakhstan.

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