Diesel generator start up must be preceded by a set of commissioning activities. Correct adjustment contributes in machinery optimum operation. If installation was carried out with process upsets, further warranty service might be declined.

What does commissioning work consist of?

Genset should be carried out on a stable surface – rigid footing or basement, secured with bolts. Footing is represented as a small area, overhanging off the ground at the level of 20-25 сm. Room for genset should be selected on the basis of the following factors: area due to be protected against direct sunlight, rain, snow exposure. Humidity to be within optimum level. While meeting pointed requirements, genset conducted and following works commenced:

  • Termination of diesel generator to the power supply;
  • Check with the accordance of electric machine installation rules, manufacturer requirements;
  • Check circuit coupling terminate correctness;
  • Control compliance of the stages to be delivered against developed plan;
  • Refuel of the station with process liquids - lubrication, antifreeze, fuel, electrolyte;
  • Adjusting start up system;
  • Generator test run;
  • Drawing up of acts on bringing diesel generator into operation;
  • Consult customer with the rules of utilizing power pack.

Why is essential to entrust work to professionals?

While selecting personnel for delivering commissioning works of power pack its worth to know that safety, as well as the efficiency of electrical skid rest on their experience and skills.

Connection of diesel generator by competent specialists efforts – is a pawn of its long term and efficient operation. During commissioning works, our company engineers verify operability of all major components. This guarantees skid’s successful start-up.

Our company drives installation, commissioning, warranty and post warranty service of generators manufactured by «AKSA POWER GENERATION». Based in Almaty city. Travel to the other regions of Kazakhstan.

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