There are two options to power remote facility: buying or renting a power set. The first option is not always financially justified, especially for small businesses. Temporary use of genset i.e. renting is a reasonable way to meet requirements and save money.

Our company offers rental of AKSA generators in Almaty. We provide a wide range of models of various functions is power, fuel consumption, engine brand, etc. The units can be used as the main or reserve power source.


  • No maintenance costs. Repair and replacement of consumables remains under company jurisdiction;
  • No need to find maintenance crew;
  • Replacement of broken unit with a new one
  • Unlimited prolongation of rental term.

Rent contract specifies the price of use, terms and conditions. Act of acceptance is attached to the contract. Our customers are confident and secured from disagreeable cases by virtue of legal transaction processing

AKSA will guide you through projects to any level necessary in order to help accomplish your goals.

Why choose AKSA diesel power sets?

AKSA POWER GENERATION has earned a good reputation not only in the CIS countries, but all over the world. Diesel generators have the following features:

  • Operating economy- low fuel consumption with high efficiency.
  • Reliability is the generator is capable to operate in unfavorable environment or weather conditions
  • Ease of operation is a ten-minute induction enough to operate.
  • Resistance to damage is the casing and working units are made of strong materials, deformations and mechanical stress resistant.

Apply for generator renting in Kazakhstan, by filling out the feedback form or calling. Phone numbers are given in contacts.

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